Making Gin is equal parts science and art. Making good gin combines the science of producing a tight-cut neutral spirit for a smooth palate with balancing botanical infusion. Much trial and error in the still brought exhilaration when I opened the distillery door at dawn to be bathed in the perfect balance of gin vapours.


This classic London dry-style gin is vapour-infused at low temperature to preserve the subtle flavours of the hand-peeled fresh citrus and berries. It can be enjoyed year-round on ice, or with tonic.

canberra fog

Thousands of migrants came to Australia after the Second World War to build the Snowy Mountains hydro-power scheme. Many arrived with treasured family and regional recipes for spirits, and some built copper stills to recreate the spirits of their birthplace.


After the Snowy Hydro was built, many of those migrants brought their time-tested recipes to their new home in Canberra. Canberra Fog is a compilation of some of these recipes.


While we’ve changed a few things – including the original recipe’s entire grapevine, which defied logic – our Canberra Fog blends the tradition of yesteryear with today’s distilling techniques.


To produce quality spirits you have to first master the science of a pure vodka. Triple distilled and carbon filtered to ensure a clean, smooth palate.

winter gin

The idea arose from a casual conversation at the Night Market in Kingston, in May 2016.  It was the first cold night of the year and it was hard to sell a Gin and Tonic that was designed for a hot summers day. The market’s manager, Stacey, introduced me to Andrew from BurraBee Farm and urged me to use his produce to make a Winter warming Gin. Three weeks later we were again standing in the cold at the same market drinking this warming Basil Gin Liqueur. It is only lightly spiced, sweet and aromatic.


This Gin is best enjoyed straight. Warm the glass by sitting it in hot water before consuming.


The Canberra Distillery and “Made by Katherine” both produce old fashioned products made using traditional methods in small batches. We pay attention to ensure consistent quality and flavor. This gin is just the real deal – an old fashioned spirit made from fruit and spice. No preservatives, additives or artificial flavours. It is brought together with ingredients from other small 

growers and producers. It can be enjoyed straight, with mineral water or in cocktails. It retains the complex flavours of blood orange with a little sweetness. 


The Negroni was conceived well before the invention of a Dry Gin, so Count Negroni would most likely made his cocktails from a barrel aged Gin distilled from wine spirit. To be true to its origins, this Barrel Aged Negroni uses a red wine from the Canberra region, distilled with juniper and more than a dozen other herbs. It is blended with vermouth and bitters and aged with heavily charred oak, to fuse and soften the complex spice flavours. It is best served on the rocks, with a dash of soda, a wedge of orange and a burnt stick of cinnamon. 

Coffee liqueur

The Coffee Liqueur starts with a very darkly roasted Arabica bean. It is cold brewed with pure alcohol (94%) and left to rest a month to ensure a smooth flavor without sediment. It is then cut and filtered before boiling. This coffee liqueur has a smooth, sweet palate and a sharp espresso finish. Enjoyed straight by coffee enthusiasts, in cocktails, martinis, white Russians or simply one ice with a dash of milk.