A Story of Many Tangelos
August 04, 2021
Citrus and Gin are the perfect partnership. From clementine to yuzu, all kinds of Gins rely on their zesty kick. The Canberra Distillery is known for its Blood Orange and Gin but you may not know that we also use a very particular fruit for our Dry Gin: the tangelo.
Mulled Wine with Negroni
July 04, 2021
Tim doesn’t hesitate to say that he makes Negroni because it’s what he likes to drink. You can whip up a basic version at home, but here at the Distillery, we take the process a lot more seriously.

Corporate Products for Christmas
June 04, 2021
Did you know that we make products for a number of other gin brands and companies all across Australia? Having your own gin is a popular choice providing great brand awareness for your company and also becomes a conversation starter wherever it is on display. It takes several months to turn your ideas into a custom made Gin. If you like the sound of it, now is the time to get talking to us!
Your Mum Loves Gin
May 03, 2021
Extensive research pouring Gin for over five years has shown us, without a doubt, that a LOT of your Mums really LOVE GIN. Grandmas too. In fact, we feel so confident that we know what your mum wants, that we've put together an adorable tasting pack.

First week of summer
December 04, 2020
We're all so busy getting ready for Christmas that there's barely a moment to stop and think. Among all the shopping, remember to throw a couple punnets of strawberries and blueberries into the trolley so you can whip up this delicious Summering Berries cocktail. It's made with our perfectly named, Summer Gin.
Catch our Gin Cube
November 20, 2020
Christmas shopping doesn't have to be hard. Throw a few of these in the cart online and you're DONE! They're also available at all your favourite The Canberra Distillery stockists around town.

Christmas gift ideas
November 04, 2020
We can see the end of 2020 from here! Bring on the festive season. 2020 was a very different year for us without seeing all of our customers at markets or being able to do tastings in stores.
August 12, 2020
We're excited to be moving forward and are now focusing on the future. We have recently welcomed Freddie to the team as our new General Manager, have started building up inventory again, our labels are getting a facelift and we've been tasting new rums and whisky's that we put down a year ago.