Single Release Rum, 500 ml


Our first release of rum has been fermented, distilled, barrelled, aged and bottled in Mitchell. There are no additives or flavourings in this rum. Just the traditional, slow process of making and maturing this iconic spirit.

 It is a molasses and cane-based rum, fermented to create stronger congeners for a classic rum aroma, then pot-distilled. Molasses-based rums require a longer maturation period.

It has been aged for two years in a local Shiraz barrel which provides a dark colour and bitterness to the spirit. It has then been moved to a Spanish Pedro Ximenez barrel which builds the honey palate

 At the end of this ageing process, there was just one small barrel of rum left. And it is delicious!

This is an extremely smooth and sweet rum with notes of dried fruit, dates and vanilla. It is best enjoyed straight or over ice.


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